Removalist Canberra to Brisbane – Find the Right Service for You

How exciting, to be moving interstate – a new beginning and a fresh start for you and your family.

When it comes to the actual moving process though, we know it can quickly become a headache – trying to arrange all the different utilities, workforce, and everything else.

When you are moving, the likelihood is you’ll be dealing with the sale of your previous home, the legalities of your new home, as well as making sure that when you arrive all your utilities are connected – who wants to complete such a massive move and then not have access to the Internet?

That is why here at Virgil Removals we aim to make the actual moving process as smooth as possible. As a well-respected removalist from Canberra to Brisbane, we are experts in making your move effortless – we can do everything for you, from packing to transporting, to unpacking and arranging your utilities. Relax in the knowledge that everything is under control thanks to our super service.

What Moving Service Do I Need and How Much Will It Cost?

As you will know if you have dealt with a removalist service before, an accurate quote is important to allow you to budget effectively.

You can contact us using our webform or by giving us a call, and we can quickly provide an accurate quote based on your individual circumstances – but if you would like a ballpark idea to help you plan, then these are the basic levels of service that we offer:

  • Small removal

Suitable for small loads, such as a studio or 1-bedroom property. This service involves a 3-tonne truck, two men and up to 20 cubic metre capacity. A small move usually takes between 2-4 hours, depending on inventory, distance, and property access. This service starts at $300.00.

  • Medium removal

For larger units like a small house or office, we can offer a 6-tonne truck with three men. This allows for a capacity of up to 40 cubic metres, and takes 3-5 hours depending on inventory, distance, and property access. This service starts at $400

  • Large removal

If you have a larger property with lots to move, you might be more suited to our large removal service. With a 9-tonne truck and 3 men, this service starts at $475.

Prices will vary, depending on the number of items, the level of packing required and whether there are any awkward, particularly heavy, or very delicate items. If you are looking for a weekend move the cost is slightly higher – so, take advantage of the quieter weekday slots for your move to get a better price.

Custom Removalists Canberra to Brisbane

If you are looking to move an exceptionally large home or office, or even a commercial or retail site, you may need the services of our custom removals team. When it comes to required capacity over 60 cubic metres, or you need to move items like vehicles, bulky equipment, or light machinery, then you will need a specialist.

Here at Virgil Removals, we offer a site inspection to provide an accurate quote, and we can work with you to provide the service you need, when you need it. You can rely on us to be quick, efficient, and safe with all the removals we undertake.

If you're looking for removalists in Canberra, get in contact with Virgil Removals for your quote today.