Canberra to Perth Removalists

Whether you are moving house or moving office, over a short distance locally or a large distance over state lines, the only way to get your furniture and property delivered safely and securely to their destination is with a professional team of removalists. Anyone can hire a large truck and lug their stuff into the back of it .However, it’s often not worth the effort when professional furniture movers can provide the right cargo space and handle your belongings with expert care all through the transportation process to ensure that everything arrives in the same condition it was in before departure. At Virgil Removals, we help Australians shift large amounts of property every day and have become known as one of the best, and friendliest removal services available.

Thinking of DIY Removals?

It’s easy to settle on the idea of DIY moving to cut down on cost, particularly if you’re hoping to save money to spend on your new house or apartment. However, over the years we have heard multiple stories of homeowners trying to do their own furniture removal themselves and incurring greater costs than they would have with a professional removalist. What you appear to save in vehicle hire can be easily overshadowed by the added time it takes to load the truck on your own unaided by skilled workers who are well practiced in Cargo Tetris. Delays and underused carriage space can result in multiple trips and gas stops. If your one-day truck hire transpires to be a two-day rental then you might find yourself paying a higher fee.

Everything You Need to Get Your Belongings Transported Safely Across the Country

At Virgil Removals, we supply everything that you need to get the job done correctly right from the off. Once you have a good sense of the amount of furniture and belongings you need to transport, we can provide you with the right sized truck and the accompanying movers to load and unload it properly. Our team will arrive at the time and date you specify to shift your items safely, prioritising any fragile pieces in the cab where they won’t be damaged. Once you’re all loaded up, our movers hit the road and meet you at the destination. This could be a couple of hours later or the next day depending on what distance you’re travelling.

Are You Looking for Removalists From Canberra To Perth?

If you’re looking for Canberra to Perth removalists and you want to make sure that you get the utmost value for money, then be sure to get in touch with Virgil Removals. We can provide on the spot quotes for any and all journeys. We also do short notice emergency moves so if you’re suddenly in a tight spot and need to shift your furniture, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we stock everything you need to box up, cover and label all of your items on our online store. You can get in touch with us by phone or online where a customer service agent will be happy to call back at your convenience. So, don’t delay and get in touch with us today!