Removalist Canberra to Brisbane – Find the Right Service for You

How exciting, to be moving interstate – a new beginning and a fresh start for you and your family.

When it comes to the actual moving process though, we know it can quickly become a headache – trying to arrange all the different utilities, workforce, and everything else.

When you are moving, the likelihood is you’ll be dealing with the sale of your previous home, the legalities of your new home, as well as making sure that when you arrive all your utilities are connected – who wants to complete such a massive move and then not have access to the Internet?

That is why here at Virgil Removals we aim to make the actual moving process as smooth as possible. As a well-respected removalist from Canberra to Brisbane, we are experts in making your move effortless – we can do everything for you, from packing to transporting, to unpacking and arranging your utilities. Relax in the knowledge that everything is under control thanks to our super service.

What Moving Service Do I Need and How Much Will It Cost?

As you will know if you have dealt with a removalist service before, an accurate quote is important to allow you to budget effectively.

You can contact us using our webform or by giving us a call, and we can quickly provide an accurate quote based on your individual circumstances – but if you would like a ballpark idea to help you plan, then these are the basic levels of service that we offer:

  • Small removal

Suitable for small loads, such as a studio or 1-bedroom property. This service involves a 3-tonne truck, two men and up to 20 cubic metre capacity. A small move usually takes between 2-4 hours, depending on inventory, distance, and property access. This service starts at $300.00.

  • Medium removal

For larger units like a small house or office, we can offer a 6-tonne truck with three men. This allows for a capacity of up to 40 cubic metres, and takes 3-5 hours depending on inventory, distance, and property access. This service starts at $400

  • Large removal

If you have a larger property with lots to move, you might be more suited to our large removal service. With a 9-tonne truck and 3 men, this service starts at $475.

Prices will vary, depending on the number of items, the level of packing required and whether there are any awkward, particularly heavy, or very delicate items. If you are looking for a weekend move the cost is slightly higher – so, take advantage of the quieter weekday slots for your move to get a better price.

Custom Removalists Canberra to Brisbane

If you are looking to move an exceptionally large home or office, or even a commercial or retail site, you may need the services of our custom removals team. When it comes to required capacity over 60 cubic metres, or you need to move items like vehicles, bulky equipment, or light machinery, then you will need a specialist.

Here at Virgil Removals, we offer a site inspection to provide an accurate quote, and we can work with you to provide the service you need, when you need it. You can rely on us to be quick, efficient, and safe with all the removals we undertake.

If you're looking for removalists in Canberra, get in contact with Virgil Removals for your quote today.

Do You Need Dependable Removalists from Canberra To Gold Coast?

It can be tempting to consider hiring someone with a van or a truck to give you a dig out with your move; it’s cheap, cheerful and quickly done. However, what happens if the unforeseen happens? What if the vehicle doesn’t have enough capacity for your items, if something breaks or smashes in transit, or if there is an unexpected injury from lifting heavy loads? When you have to move the contents of an entire home or business, is it really worth the risk of relying on someone with a vehicle to move your belongings safely and securely? If you are looking for peace of mind, then the obvious answer is no; it’s much more worthwhile to go with a professional service that knows what they are dealing with.

An Excellent Removal Service Like No Other in the Gold Coast

At Virgil Removals, we have been helping Australians move their belongings by the truck load for years. In that time, we have garnered a reputation for efficient friendly removal service with a smile that has seen our name recommended from customer to satisfied customer. We pride ourselves on our speed, careful handling and commitment to customer satisfaction. We do our utmost to go above and beyond the required task; if there is anything that we can do to help make your move easier and less stressful then we are happy to do it. That is why we work around the clock at whatever hours are necessary to get the job done. We travel through the night on long journeys to get your items delivered safely and on time.

Your Fragile Items Are in Good Hands With Virgil Removals

We have an impressive fleet of small, medium and large vans and trucks that can cater to all moves, regardless of cargo volume or travel distance. You would be hard pressed to find a team that is more capable of maximising cargo space without exposing any items to damage in transit than ours. We make sure to isolate any delicate or breakable items from the main hold just in case movement on the road causes anything to dislodge and cause damage. All of our removalists are well versed in current work safety procedures that mitigate against any accidents or injuries that could harm our team members or your property.

Move Your Items Today the Safe Way

So, if you’re shopping around for the best price for removalists from Canberra to Gold Coast and you’re thinking of going with a comparison company then be sure to let us know. We offer to better your quote by ten percent so long as the work falls within our service areas. We are committed to providing you with the best level of service and value for your money, qualities that you can’t get from comparison services interested in taking a large cut for little work. Why not get in touch with Virgil Removals today to discuss your next move? You can call us by phone or contact us through our website to get a free same day quote. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new premises surrounded by all of your belongings!

Home Removalists in Canberra

If you want straight forward and hassle-free removal services, we’re the removal company for you. Here at Virgil Removals, we’re expert no-fuss Canberra home removalists like no other. We specialise in being quick and efficient while ensuring that we’re incredibly careful of your goods.

Expert Home Removalists in Canberra

By offering speedy and simple removal services, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with our service and find yourself settling seamlessly into your new home. Because we pride ourselves on customer convenience, we will also operate out of hours if that’s what’s necessary to assist you with your home move. We can even accommodate emergency moves at short notice.

With a dedicated fleet of removal vehicles and our army of dedicated staff, there is no removal too big or too small for us to take on. Our moving trucks range in size so that we can safely transport any volume of goods and our staff has a wide range of experience and police background checks for your peace of mind. 

What Home Removal Services do we Offer?

As an Australian based home removalist in Canberra, we offer furniture removal and relocation services to residents in Eastern Australia. When you choose to trust us in assisting your home move, you can rely on our professionalism and promptness every step of the way.

Because the services that we provide are incredibly efficient and competitive, we can offer some of the most cost-effective home moves in the ACT. As well as furniture removals, we can also suggest complementary services to help your home move go that much smoother.

Home cleaning, pre-packing, unpacking, and providing the packing materials and equipment are just some of the ways in which we can make your home move as stress-free as possible. We can even help with changing your address, so you have one less thing to worry about.

We offer Canberra and Melbourne districts removals on a daily basis and many other surrounding areas are covered weekly. We can even do delivery to most other areas in Australia by arrangement.

Because we are based in Canberra ACT, we loyally serve that region. While we can deliver to most parts of Australia, our primary focus is on Eastern Australia. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more dedicated and hard-working removal company than us.

Talk to us About Home Removals in Canberra

No one knows ACT home removals better than we do. If you want your move to be as seamless as possible, you should call 1300 988 856 and talk to a member of our amazing customer service team about how we can help you.

You can even go online to our website and use our handy, free distance and volume calculators. We also help you compare Canberra home removalists so you can be sure to get the best deal for your home move. 

Why not get your free, no-obligation quotation from us by going online and filling out the form today. If you have any questions about our services, we’d love for you to give us a call on 1300 988 856.

Expert Removalists from Canberra To Newcastle ToTake The Stress Out Of Moving

At Virgil Removals, our team of skilled removalists are dedicated to making your move as hassle free as possible. Our friendly police-vetted movers are on hand to shift the contents of your house or office, store it safely and securely in the back of our trucks and transport them long or short distance to wherever you need them. If you are moving between homes and need to put the finishing touches on your new property, then we can store some of your items ourselves until you are ready to receive them. We work all hours around the clock to get the job done to your satisfaction and we do it all with a smile on our faces.

We Are Flexible to Fit Your Schedule and Help You Out Of A Bind

We are on hand to respond to last minute emergency moves at short notice. If you find that you need to shift the contents of your property for any reason whatsoever, we can be there ASAP to load up and transport your belongings to a new destination or to a storage house. Past customers have relied on us to help them out of a tight spot in the aftermath of family tragedy, flooding and fire, and they have praised us for our quick response times and efficient removal service. We exercise a great deal of flexibility in our transport schedule so that we can adapt to your needs as and when they may change.

Immediate Same Day Response

If you are looking for a quote we can provide one on the spot, simply give us a call and detail the quantity of items you want moved and the distance you need to traverse and we will tell you then and there how much it will cost. We respond immediately to every query and quote, if you send us an email today you can expect a response today. We like to stay on top of every job and this speed of response is reflected in how swiftly we operate when loading your items onto our trucks and transporting them to their destination. Our large fleet of vehicles and our wide pool of removalists means we can transport your property practically anywhere in Australia.

Competitive Canberra To Newcastle Removals Pricing That Won’t Be Undercut by Lesser Services

So, if you’re in the market for furniture removalists from Canberra to Newcastle. then do yourself a favour and get in touch with Virgil Removals today. We offer to beat any quotes from removal comparison services by up to ten percent to make sure that you are getting the very best quality service for the best possible value. You can have a look at our pricing here on our website and even use our distance and volume calculators to gauge roughly how much your move will cost. For an accurate quote just pick up the phone or contact us online and we’ll be happy to talk you through everything.

Furniture Removalists in Canberra

Welcome to Virgil Removals, experts in the logistics of moving furniture to new homes all across the country. Trust our furniture removalists in Canberra to take care of all the planning and professionally deliver your furniture to your new home.

Canberra Furniture Removal Services

We’re confident that we can accommodate even the largest of furniture removals as we have an exceptional fleet of trucks both big and small. One of the many things our clients love about our removal services is how seamless the process is from start to finish. From the moment you get your free quotation to the delivery of your furniture, we’re incredibly flexible and easy to work with.

Our staff takes exceptional care with your furniture while being efficient and prompt, so your removal doesn’t take any longer than it has to. So that you can be positive your belongings are in safe hands, we also police check our staff and make sure they’re trained for the job.

Trusted Furniture Removalists in Canberra

Furniture is what makes a house a home. You’ve put so much time and effort into deciding what beautiful things to fill your house with that it would be a shame to get rid of it all just because you’re moving. Luckily for you, we offer furniture removal services in Eastern Australia so that you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved furniture.

No matter where life is taking you, we’ll make sure that you feel right at home because you’ll be surrounded by all of your beloved possessions. Moving can be challenging and stressful so the last thing you want to do is worry about purchasing an entire houseful of new furniture. We quickly carefully transport your furniture to your desired destination so you can effortlessly settle into your new home.

We can even provide you with box packing removal materials and equipment, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right products to protect your goods in transit. Better still, why not let up take care of the entire packing process for you. That’s right, our team can pack, move then unpack your furniture for a stress-free removal process from start to finish.

Here at Virgil Removals, we’re always aiming to do everything we can to ensure that you have a no-fuss experience when you move with us. We’re easy to talk to and love nothing more than taking the hassle out of moving for our clients. Our professionalism and reliability are just a few factors that make us one of the best choices in the country when it comes to furniture removals.

Let us Help you With Furniture Removals

Our job is to make sure that your move is as easy as it can possibly be. We help you to eliminate a huge portion of the planning, preparation, and not to mention the stress that can be involved in moving to a new home.

Go online to use our free home move calculation tools and fill out the form to get a free, quick quotation for our furniture removal service. We guarantee to be competitively priced and offer you one of the most comprehensive removal services in the country. Call 1300 988 856 today!