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Virgil Removal are an Australian based furniture removal company.
We provide furniture removal and relocation services to residents and commercial organisations in Eastern Australia.
Our professionalism reliability and promptness are second to none.

Our Values And Ethics ...

Packed Removalists Truck
At Virgil Removal we strive for excellence in our company values and ethics: -

Most of our customers seem to agree since you keep giving us referrals and repeat business :)

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Provide Premuim Service ...

2 Men Wrapping Glass Table
Virgil Removal offer Rapid Reliable and Efficient Removals with Premium Service.
Professional, trained teams with zest and smiling faces are assembled and dispatched.
Our teams are fully equiped with all of the tools required to complete your movement.
Your fragile and damagable items are wrapped in purpose designed padded blankets(see left).
Your large furniture items like beds are dis-assembled and re-assembled by our teams (where required).
We are happy to place your items specifically as instructed by you at your new residence.
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Maintain A Fair And Affordable Price ...

Two Men Loading Truck with Straps
Premium Service usually means big budget, however at Virgil Removal you will find our rates are very competitive and affordable.
Our Business Policy is "Be Fair", and it seems to work because our customers continue to give us referrals and repeat business.
Please enjoy our Premium Services at Affordable Rates.
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Behave In A Polite And Calm Manner ...

Kelly and Boz in back of truck
Some of our team members may look like they should have come in the night wearing balaclavas (: see left :) but dont be fooled, they are polite and well mannered trained proffessionals.
At Virgil Removal we character screen all employees, and then train them in the ways of the jedi removalist, So you can relax in knowing that your belongings are in safe and gentle hands.
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Act With Honesty And Integrity ...

Two Men Loading Truck with Straps
At Virgil Removal we understand that you are trusting some of your most valued posessions into our hands.
We treat every item as though it were the Crown Jewels (see right), and we teach this concept to our trainees.
Honesty and Integrity are to be applied in all Virgil Removal dealings.
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If you want to know more about us then please dont hesitate to ask us.
Also, Virgil Removal are now on facebook.
We are friendly and approachable so dont be shy. 

Pleased to meet you,
Virgil Removal.

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